How to measure your windows for Night Time Anytime blackout blinds.

How to measure your windows for Night Time Anytime blackout blinds.

Our blackout blind kits contain full fitting instructions but you may be wondering which size blind kits to buy for your windows?  In this article we are going to show you how to measure your windows and work out what size blackout blind kit you need.


  Our standard and most popular size is the 1.2m x 1.6m kit.  It contains enough thermal blackout material for the average window and so we have kept this kit at the best price possible.  If you are looking for a quick measurement then measure the whole window casement - the amount of material you will need will be LESS than this.

Measuring the whole casement is the quickest method to find the right kit size but not the most accurate.


For a more accurate measurement you need to measure each window pane frame.  You need to measure frame edge to frame edge as the image below shows. 

The advantage of this method is allowing you to cut the individual blind pieces from the smallest blind kit possible.

Once you have a list of sizes you can either work out how best to cut them from a single piece of material size yourself or use an app or online cutting calculator.  You simply input the total blind material size and then the individual pieces and the program will work out how best to position them to cut them from the smallest material size.  We have used an app called 'Autofit Mini' available on the Google play store or use the website;

How to use Auto Fit Mini

1. Put the total size of the blackout blind as the 'base plate' size

2. Reduce the 'saw thickness', 'border size' and 'waste sizes' to 0. 

3. Put the window blind sizes in as the 'parts' size in the next tab. 

4. Input email address in 'options'

5. Click 'results' and 'calculate optimization'. 

You will then have a guide on how best to cut the different window blinds out from the large piece of blackout blind material.

If you add up the perimeters (outside lengths/widths) of all the blinds you can work out if you will need more than the supplied 10m rolls of magnetic tapes (the example above would not need any extra tape).  If you need more magnetic tape you can purchase some from our 'Accessories' page.

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