Night Time Anytime blackout blind kit vs Gro Anywhere Blind

Night Time Anytime blackout blind kit vs Gro Anywhere Blind

There are many blackout blind kits on the market - but which is best when it comes to blocking out all light and which is the most user friendly? In this article we are going to look at the popular Gro Anywhere Blind from the Gro Company and compare it to the Night Time Anytime blind. 

The Gro Anywhere Blind uses suction cups and a velcro edge to attach to the glass window pane.  You then use the velcro to bunch together unused sections of the blind to try and prevent light leakage.  This means a fiddly installation process with less than perfect blackout.  Once you have carefully installed the blind it is often not taken down as it took so much effort to put up.  The result is a constantly dim room with no chance to open windows.  On the plus side these blinds can be used on all window sizes and shapes and can be taken down easily so it makes a perfect blackout blind to take on holiday.

The Night Time Anytime blind uses a unique magnetic fitting system which is attached to the window frame.  This means it can't be used as a travel blind (like the Gro Blind) but it does mean that it takes just seconds to put up and take down and offers a complete blackout with no light leakage.  You can also open the windows even if the blinds are still in place; something no other blinds offer!

Gro Anywhere blind 2

Consider the following to decide whether Night Time Anytime blind or the Gro Anywhere Blind is for you;

1.) Total blackout.  The Night Time Anytime blind offers complete and easy to achieve blackout whereas the Gro Blind can achieve an acceptable blackout if you are willing to take the time to install it every time you want to use it.

2.) Daylight and open windows.  The Gro Blind is time consuming to put up and so most people will leave the blind up resulting in a permanently dim room and windows that can't be opened.  The Night Time Anytime Blind can be put up and taken down in just seconds and the windows can still be opened with the blinds in place!

3.) Travelling.  The Gro blind can be placed on any window whereas once the Night Time Anytime blind kit is installed on a window it cannot be used on any other windows.

4.) Appearance.  If you want a trendy, matching coloured or plain white blind then the Night Time Anytime Blind kit is for you.  They can be accented with additional blinds or curtains.  The Gro Anywhere blind comes only in black with a few different patterns - it's not overly attractive when fitted!

Hopefully this article has helped you in choosing the right blind for you.  If you have any thoughts or comments please add them below!

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